Frequently Asked Questions about Wellness Appointments:

What vaccines should my dog get?
While the Rabies vaccine is the only one required by law, there are other vaccines that we highly recommend to protect your pet from life threatening (preventable) diseases.

Vaccines need to be given at the appropriate age and at appropriate intervals to be effective. Our doctors will determine a vaccination schedule based on your pet’s age and needs. The vaccine that we feel will benefit every dog (in addition to Rabies) is the Distemper/Parvo combination vaccine. Bordetella or “kennel cough” and Leptospirosis should be given based on a pet’s risk of exposure. Bordetella is used for dogs that are around other dogs outside of the home (groomers, boarding facilities and dog parks) Leptospirosis is given to dogs that are exposed to warm, slow moving or stagnant water.

What vaccines should my cat get?
The vaccine that we feel can benefit every cat is the Upper Respiratory/ Distemper combination. Feline Leukemia should be given to all cats who go outside. Our doctors will determine a vaccination schedule based on your cat’s age and needs. If your cat has never been vaccinated against feline leukemia, a “combo” test (Feline Leukemia/Feline AIDS) test should be run prior to vaccination.

Should my pet be checked for worms?
Yes, especially puppies and kittens.
Checking for worms means we prepare a fecal sample in a way that allows us to identify which parasites your pet has contracted, which allows us to give the correct deworming medication. Keep in mind that there are some parasites that people can contract so regular fecal exams and deworming is important.

What are Heartworms? When should my dog be tested for heartworms?
Heartworm disease is a disease that is spread by mosquitos and live in the heart and lungs. When an infected mosquito bites, it can introduce the microscopic “microfilaria” or baby heartworms into the animal’s bloodstream. Once in the animal’s system, the microfilaria circulate in the bloodstream and eventually end up in the heart and lungs. The worms can be up to 14 inches in length. Here in South Carolina, we see a lot of this disease! There are several products on the market that will prevent heartworm disease. There are monthly chewable tablets and topicals as well as an injection that can be given once a year. Ask us which one would be right for your dog.

If your dog is 6 months of age or older, and has not been on heartworm prevention, a heartworm test will need to be done first. Dogs should stay on heartworm prevention for its entire life and have a yearly heartworm test performed.

My pet has fleas, what can be done to get rid of them?
Fleas are the cause of many skin infections, hot spots, and allergies.

Controlling fleas also helps control tapeworms because they can be a source of the tapeworms.
Flea control and prevention is easier and more effective than ever before! We sell products for both dogs and cats and would be happy to discuss which one would be best for your pet.

*Please note: be very careful applying over the counter products to your cat; they often times are ineffective and can be detrimental to your cat.

Does your clinic offer dental cleanings?
We do! We require a pre dental exam on all patients and preanesthetic bloodwork for pets older than 7 years. We can schedule a dental appointment after that. We do dentals on Thursdays. Dentals are considered a surgery so pets will need to be fasted after midnight and dropped off between 7:30am-8:00am. Pick up times will vary.


What forms up payment do you accept?

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. All charges will be discussed with you up front. We accept all major debit/credit cards including American Express and cash along with Care Credit. 

For major illnesses and injuries, we will refer you to a full service clinic or an emergency clinic. We refer clients to UrgentVet in Fort Mill and Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Rock Hill for after hours care.

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